Aston Martin and Girard-Perregaux Join Forces to Create a Groundbreaking Chronograph


Girard-Perregaux, the Swiss watchmaker, has released a new limited-edition watch in collaboration with the British automaker Aston Martin. The Laureato Chronograph Aston Martin Edition features a dial with a seven-layer application of the iconic “Aston Martin Green” color. The automotive theme of the watch is also reflected in the diamond-like pattern on the dial, inspired by the carmaker’s ‘AM’ logo and the quilted seats found in Aston Martin’s sports cars. This watch marks the first time a Laureato Chronograph features an open caseback, allowing for a view of the automatic movement.

The ceramic material used in the watch is a specific type of Aston Martin Racing Green, created by mixing extremely fine micro-beaded zirconium oxide powder with metallic oxides. The result is a uniform application of the deep green color, which appears noticeably matte in indirect light. The chamfering and polishing around the octagonal bezel, case edge, and bracelet give the watch a subtle sheen as it moves, adding a pop of brightness to the otherwise monochromatic color palette. This metallic effect is fitting for the watch’s partnership with the automotive industry.

Aston Martin & Girard-Perregaux Collaboration

The collaboration between Girard-Perregaux and Aston Martin has produced a striking timepiece that reflects the two brands’ shared passion for precision and design. The Laureato Chronograph Aston Martin Edition incorporates automotive-inspired details into the watch’s design, from the color to the diamond-like pattern on the dial. The addition of an open caseback allows the wearer to appreciate the watch‘s intricate automatic movement, making it a desirable addition to any watch collection.

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