Jet Setting with Trillion Traveller Hofit Golan

From attending red carpet events, travelling in Private jets, and unwinding on private islands. Take a look inside the life of three-time FORBES influencer of the year winner and Trillion Traveller Hofit Golan.

The Israeli Socialite has many feathers in her swanky cap. Her extensive success is due to her being a one-of-a-kind multi-potentialite. She is a TV presenter, actress, fashion entrepreneur, travel and lifestyle influencer, and public speaker. And she explains her versatility in an interesting way. ‘If anything, the world is teaching people that they can be fluid,’ she says. She doesn’t believe in getting defined by a single job title or profession, and she explains why: ‘I want to have my fingers in as many pies as possible,’ she restates, ‘and squeeze every ounce (out) of life.’

And the multi-faceted influencer surely walks the talk in her Casadei heels—Serving grand looks on international red-carpet events, strutting the ramp for major fashion houses, and attending prominent charity events and fundraisers.

It is all part of her work, due to which she also travels to the most spectacular and rich neighbourhoods, all ‘in style’. Golan’s Instagram posts about Paris Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week speak volumes about her journey and years of experience in the fashion and production industries. This boss lady is the epitome of confidence, flamboyance, and determination. Her unabashed attitude and growth mindset have led her to an abundant lifestyle.

According to this empowered entrepreneur, ‘Success means I can live freely,’ she says. ‘My health is my wealth, and freedom is my luxury.’

So when the blonde-haired beauty is not working, she is travelling from one beach to another, in different corners of the world. Her Instagram can give a luxury travel channel a run for its money as she posts the most scenic pictures of jaw-dropping locations. You will see the most exotic destinations on her profile, such as her lavish and fascinating trips to the Maldives and Croatia, which grabbed a lot of attention. Her pictures are glamorous and dazzling, from swinging in the middle of the ocean, enjoying a fancy spread of floating breakfast and sipping on fresh mocktails while admiring the clear azure ocean.

Her latest post is about a swanky holiday at an ultra-luxurious estate in Mykonos. Staying here will cost you an exorbitant $35k per night, due to its stunning location, four master bedrooms with indoor and outdoor private pools, and eight Jacuzzis.

The best part about her page is that for every place she visits, she makes sure to share details about that and also her experience with her massive following of 3.5 million. Her refreshing and consistent social media presence has made her a three-time winner of Forbes Influencer of the Year.

The best part about her page is that for every place she visits, she makes sure to share details about that and also her experience with her massive following of 3.5 million. Her refreshing and consistent social media presence has made her a three-time winner of Forbes Influencer of the Year.

Hofit, in a way, gives you ideas or suggestions to plan your ‘special occasion getaway’ (believing we all have that kind of moolah). Like the house on the hill in Malibu, which she described as ‘A slice of heaven’? It has picturesque views and its own vineyard. It does seem like the perfect place to spend a birthday weekend with your Bff’s.

She has a plethora of pictures with her girl squad, posing pretty at elite locations around the globe. One day she posts about how she spent her weekend with her sister from another mister in Cyprus:

And next, you’ll see her with her squad in Miami, looking absolutely stunning in their high-fashion finery.

Hofit’s captions are worth a read; they are catchy, informative, and entertaining, and the hashtags hint at her travel destinations.
‘From the red carpet to a red bikini’ highlights from a week in #southoffrance from hotelducapedenroc to #sttropez to #MonteCarlo ✈️🇫 next stop #mykonos #greekislands

In one post, she is sipping on Jasmine tea at the Amalfi Coast, and then there is the ‘towel series’ with her girls in Spain, chilling by the pool. Scrolling through her profile is like witnessing a never ending pool or beach party. Three words best describe it: breakfast, beach, and bikinis.

She has walked almost every shore in the Maldives, swam in every infinity pool in Bali, lived the cave life in Mykonos, and relaxed in every affluent spa.

The gorgeous travel influencer once celebrated her birthday in two countries, and why not when you have Private planes at your disposal, it’s more like hitching a ride to another country. She began her celebration in Europe, with Breakfast in Croatia, followed by lunch and dinner in Montenegro.

She calls herself a mermaid, and rightly so, as she literally lives on water, from travelling on super yachts and seaplanes to vacationing on private islands and sunbathing on shimmery sands.

Moreover, the beach bum, who is also a wellness influencer, even works out underwater and loves exploring the deep world away from land.

She is either in the water, on it, surrounded by it, or riding above it in Private jets. From cruising the French Riviera to cycling on the boardwalk, she has done it all.

Besides that, her date nights are exclusive too, as she prefers to be surrounded by ‘65000 fish’, literally. All the fish in the ocean are familiar with their queen, Golan, who swims with the sharks and is high on Vitamin Sea.

Hofit’s love for the ocean is quite evident, as she stays in resorts and hotels that are surrounded by one. And if ever she happens to be on land or in the mountains, she makes sure the hotel has swanky pools, Jacuzzis, and even bath tubs, because why take a shower when you can relax in a plush tub full of water, which is the closest you can get to being in the sea.

Furthermore, when she is in the middle of a desert, she rides a buggy Mad-Max style in search of a plush oasis. and being the go-getter she is, she surely finds one.

Hofit Golan exemplifies the meaning of a water baby to a different level, by living the super-deluxe island life, soaking up the sun, and watching the horizon from different shores around the world.

With her head held high and her feet soaked in 50 shades of blue, she has undoubtedly risen to the pinnacle of the jet set lifestyle while sipping on exquisite bubbly.

With every passing scroll, you’ll be transformed into a beach-loving traveller.

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